About Fine Jewelry & Collectibles Auctions of Florida

We specialize in providing an online auction service that appeals to collectors worldwide. With a completely transparent process, you can see your items, asking price, bids and all other details. We provide auction services for single high value items or entire estate sales. Our online auctions provide a significant advantage to traditional in-home estate sales, especially in the post coronavirus world.

Our goal is to always provide the best experience for our clients and do whatever is possible to help them get the best price for their items. By consistently offering high quality items, we have developed a network of thousands of buyers. This allows us to market your items to more bidders than other local auction companies.

Meet the owner - John Spinks

FJAF is owned and managed by John Spinks. After spending 10 years participating in auctions, John began working for an auction company. He learned how to set up auctions, stage items, manage promotions, present live auctions and conduct estate sales. John developed ideas for improving the process and incorporating online auctions. Utilizing the best technology in the industry, he's been able to improve marketing techniques and get his clients better results.  John took these skills and now operates successful auction companies in multiple states including Fine Jewelry and Collectibles Auctions of Florida.

By utilizing the FJAF online auction system, customers don't have to worry about items getting stolen or lost. Consignors don't have to pay hidden costs like marketing fees or cleaning expenses that come from live auctions. The end result is a seamless, simple process and a successful sale.

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Why Choose FJAF as Your Online Auction House?

Transparent Process
Exposure to 6+ million auction buyers
Auctioned to worldwide market
Published bids (no hidden fees)
No arbitrary pricing - market sets the price
All items listed (no more lost treasures)
Our auction tech is 2nd to none
Incentivized to get the highest prices

Thinking about selling on eBay or Facebook? Find out why it is better to sell with FJAF